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The Cotton Mill History

The Mill was built in 1901 and was ran as a successful cotton mill for decades. That is until 1937 when the workers went on strike in hopes of higher wages- the first strike in the history of the company. This ultimitaly led to The Mill closing in April of that year. The Mill is an icon for the neighborhood it resides in- Mill Village- which is where the management of the cotton mill were provided housing so they could oversee the employees.

In the 1940’s the building was bought by the Rogers family and became one of the largest wholesale plants in the Mid-South with over 100,000 square feet.

The property sat vacant for many years until Greg Pirkle, a partner at Phelps Dunbar in Tupelo purchased the building in 2010. The renovated 14,000 square foot event space on the main floor was completed in 2017 complete with original lighting and re-purposed wood. The building will eventually feature 100,000 square feet of residential, professional, and commercial space.

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